Kellie's Story

Kellie was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where her family still lives. Her older sister was born with a disability, so when Kellie made her way into the world two years later, compassion, understanding and helping others were simply natural parts of her life. She has always felt deeply, and her heart grew to encompass the world and those who suffer in it. She has often been a light in the dark for others, although she was not always able to do so for herself.

Kellie was born into Evangelical Christianity, and while there are fond memories of the community she had growing up, she experienced religious traumas including the trauma of purity culture. After high school, Kellie moved to an orphanage in Guatemala with the hope to be a missionary. She taught English and Music to the children there, and helped with physical rehabilitation for the orphanage's disabled children. A year later, she decided that to continue working toward finding her calling, she wanted to go to college.

12 years ago Kellie moved to Nashville, TN, originally to pursue her undergraduate degree in Music Ministry. She swiftly found herself drawn instead to a degree in Spiritual Leadership and Social Justice. Through studying the deeply human topics of theology and social justice, she started to confront her own traumas, deconstruct her former beliefs, and begin searching for a way to heal. Feeling adrift in her own loss and confusion, she married young, due to lingering social and religious pressures and the desire to experience the stability of intimate partnership.

After a few years of doing her own healing work in therapy, she realized that healing is better when shared; she went back to school to achieve a Master's in Mental Health Counseling and became a therapist in Tennessee. During this time, she worked in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation and confronted some of the darkest corners of life in the stories of other women. She became a trauma therapist, getting trained in methods like EMDR (trauma reprocessing) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She began finding comfort in the philosophies of Buddhist practice, and while she doesn't consider herself Buddhist, Eastern mindset and methods have been consistently healing for her soul.

As she traveled her path of healing, she confronted more heartbreak, and finally left a broken marriage, and an unfaithful and abusive spouse. This was the final, painful trauma that catapulted her into the pursuit of happiness, heath, and wholeness. At the bottom of that pit, she began to rebirth herself into a new way of living. Kellie began to truly and deeply believe that she was worth so much more, and that the pain and trauma in her past did not have to continue to define how she lived in the future.

After five years of healing herself and helping others do the same as a trauma therapist, Kellie decided to take another daring step forward and pursue a career as a Mental Wellness Coach. Aside from allowing her more time with family, friends and more freedom, her coaching career now allows her to help people all around the country who share common goals and desires for their own lives. Their stories, work, and their transformations have been nothing short of inspiring.

Now, Kellie lives with her wonderful and loving partner, Ben, and their sweet (& sour) cat, Maiden. She lives with joy, hope and deep fulfillment that she never thought possible, and continues her journey toward her best self every day. With a heart mostly healed, she is grateful and at peace with her story. She is no longer afraid of the storms life throws in her path; she knows she is capable of weathering it all with grace.

how it helps you

You will not only be working with a mental health expert whose speciality is in trauma recovery, but with someone who has the experience of surviving and thriving after their own trauma. Kellie brings fun, connection, warmth and true empathy to every interaction. The relationship clients get to experience with Kellie is one full of hope and transformation.

what is Love Ordinary?

Love Ordinary was built for a community of people who are ready to live a high-vibration life. We believe that life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you.

The name Love Ordinary speaks to our collective desire to fall in love with life's ordinary moments and motions, and find joy and peace in the daily movements that we carry out. The ritual of morning coffee, gratitude after a satisfying meal, the joy of complimenting a stranger. The little moments matter. They add up. Life happens in those moments, every day. The average person lives for less than 30,000 days; here, we find love in each and every ordinary one of them.

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