My friend,

It's time to live the life you have only imagined.

A life of daily purpose, peace and health.

A life where you stop self-sabotaging.

A life where your past doesn't decide your future.

With a vision to become the most healed, joy-filled version of yourself.

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free and thriving

make peace

with the person in the mirror by addressing trauma and beliefs that are holding you back


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to create lasting,

daily peace and purpose

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The Journeys

Love Ordinary Journeys offer you the strategies and solutions to finally get yourself "un-stuck" in life. When we experience traumas, it's easy to slide into survival mode and go on auto-pilot. You probably feel like you're holding on through the storm, just waiting for the moment it will finally let up. The Journeys are your lighthouse, and help you finally live the life you deserve through healing your relationship to your past, your body, your mind, and yourself. Journeys last from 8 to 20 weeks and include:

-- weekly one-to-one coaching sessions

-- weekly course modules with lessons, activities, and content

-- weekly group sessions with other Journeyers

-- lifetime VIP access to the Love Ordinary Discord community

-- lifetime VIP access and discounts for future Love Ordinary content, programs and events.

-- BONUS: unlimited Pocket Coaching (daily video chat)

Love Lifetime

Love Lifetime is a way for you to stay connected to the Love Ordinary community and create ongoing accountability with monthly one-on-one coaching. It also gives you continued access to future Love Ordinary events, and the ability to continue to connect with Journeyers and Lovers alike. Love Lifetime is a month-to-month membership that offers:

-- monthly one-on-one coaching sessions

-- monthly group sessions with other Journeyers and Lovers

-- lifetime VIP access to the Love Ordinary Discord community

-- lifetime VIP access and discounts for future Love Ordinary content, programs and events.

Meet Kellie

Kellie's life work and passion is to help people who feel stuck, frustrated, and lost to rise up into the best version of their daily lives. She helps people to stop self-sabotaging and finally overcome the beliefs that hold them back. She feels deeply drawn to those who are re-writing their spiritual journey after religious trauma, and to those who have survived trauma and hope that their past pain doesn't determine in their future.

Kellie's program helps people understand how they got stuck, and then teaches them how to move forward again. She offers compassion, fun, grace and inspiration every step of the way. (And probably some cameos of her beloved cat.)

If you are here, you have seen her face somewhere. Kellie believes that nothing is coincidence, and you landing on this page is the Universe urging you to level up your life and learn to live at a higher vibration.

The Universe is waiting for you on the other side, desperate for you to live the life you've always wanted. Perhaps you simply need a guide who knows the way.

"Light can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Dumbledore, Harry Potter


India Jane H.

"When I first came to Kellie, I was desperate for help. I felt like I had been white-knuckling through my entire life with a mask of put togetherness. I could not even tell you what my wounds were, or where they lived inside of me. I felt overwhelmed and frozen with the amount of self-work I knew I needed to do.

Since working with Kellie I have experienced a healing I did not know I was capable of. She has patiently helped me peel off my bandaids and show me how to identify, give attention to, and actually heal the wounds underneath. My marriage, friendships, work, spiritual life and relationship to self have all improved one hundred fold.

Kellie is a person you can TRUST. You can trust her with the ugliest, most unlovable parts of yourself. She will hold up a mirror to you every single time and point out the beauty and purpose in it all until you see it and BELIEVE it, too. You can trust her with your shame, your pain, your joy, and all the things that make you YOU. Her program and the way she pours into the lives of those she works with has been like a balm to my soul.

Choosing to work with her will be the most kind thing you could ever do for yourself. If I could go back to hug and thank the version of myself that sent Kellie that first email, I would."


Bailey S.

"Love Ordinary has been a great experience for my personal growth. The first few weeks helped me to take a step back and look at my life in the big picture, which in turn helped me to form better habits that uphold my values and goals. Kellie herself mixes accountability and compassion perfectly in order to coach her clients—each session has motivated me to do better. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into more material from Kellie, and I expect nothing but the best. Couldn’t recommend more!"

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